The linen care guide

Your summer-loving linen combines coolness (super-breathable natural fibres) with character (creases and irregularities). Show it some TLC.

Wash it

Think low temperatures (check the care label), use a mild detergent and don’t overfill the washing machine. Linen ages gracefully, getting softer and more absorbent with regular washing. 

Dry it

Whip it out of the washing machine ASAP so wrinkles don’t set in. Natural drying is best for linen and the planet, so reshape it while it’s damp, then lie it flat or pop it on the line. Alternatively, tumble-dry it at a low temperature until it’s just-damp, then let it air dry. 

Iron it

Do the above and your item shouldn’t need ironing. If it’s too crumply for your liking, press the front and back at a medium temperature with plenty of steam. For stubborn creases, place a damp white tea towel over it first. 

Store it

Keep it cool and dry. Hang it carefully or lay it on slatted shelves where air can circulate. When you pack it away for the winter, keep it as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles.

Linen Care Guide