The silk care guide

Irresistibly lustrous, naturally breathable and divinely soft, silk has been a fabric of desire for millennia. Show it the endless love it deserves.

Wash it

When cleaning silk, ‘easy does it’ is the rule of thumb. For a gentle refresh, hand-wash it in cool water with a specialist silk detergent. Stains should go straight to the dry cleaner’s – if you scrub at them yourself, you could do permanent damage.

Dry it

Wrap your silk item in a clean towel and roll it up to remove excess water. Then smooth it out on another towel or a rack and leave it to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. NEVER throw it into a tumble dryer – it’ll shrink and shrivel.

Iron it

Smoothing out your silk before drying should remove most of the wrinkles. Just give it a gentle run-over with a cool iron on the reverse to leave it looking flawless.

Store it

Always put your silk away clean – in a cool, dry place – to help protect it from greedy moths. For extra peace of mind, keep it folded in a breathable cotton bag or hang it in a clothing cover.

Silk Care Guide