The suede care guide

Sensuously soft Boden suede and nubuck are as comfortable as they are strokable. Treat them with loving care and they’ll give you years of wear.


That famously soft, smooth, supple feel is the result of a gentle sanding process. To remove surface dirt, use a medium-coarse brush, dry sponge or suede block. As with nubuck, there are specialist made-for-suede products to shift stubborn marks (steer clear of regular leather polishes). 

Metallic suede

Metallic suede has the same properties as its regular cousin, but has been sprayed with a dye coat for a glimmering finish. A light touch is needed here. Don’t use a coarse brush: stick to a sponge or a suede block for a gentle clean. 


The surface of nubuck has been buffed to create a plush, velvety texture. Happily it won’t stain when it gets wet: a quick going-over with a fine brush or sponge will remove dirt and restore its fibres.

Suede Care Guide