We love clothes
that last

We want you to wear the stuff you buy from us for a really long time. We’d like our designs to live on in your wardrobe and stay out of landfill. And we’re committed to creating a healthy working environment for everyone involved in their making.

The Boden promise

We are – and will always be – obsessed with making things exceptionally well: fabrics that don’t shrink, buttons that stay buttoned and threads that stay threaded. And although we provide a 365-day guarantee on all our products, we hope they’ll be giving you (or their next owner) pleasure for years to come. When it comes to our children’s coats, we’re so confident they’ll survive multiple Mini owners that we leave room on the labels for four different children to write their names (and you’ve even asked for more space). All good news for the planet.

We know there’s more to quality products than careful construction and rigorous testing. So we do our Boden best to find more and better ways – right across the business – to bring them into the world (and your life) kindly and sustainably. It’s a journey, and we’re learning and improving every step of the way.

Our clothes need to be produced in safe working environments by workers who have clearly communicated rights. So we’re always working behind the seams to ensure that the good stuff you’ll see in a print or collar detail is matched by a beautiful backstory.

Products with staying power

Everything we do is made to last, and the proof is in your posts. There’s nothing we enjoy more than comments and pictures telling us about an ancient pair of jeans or a wrap dress still in circulation. Here’s how much life some of our customers have squeezed out of their Boden…

Products with staying power

‘We bought this coat for my three-year-old in autumn 2008. She wore it for two seasons. It was then worn by two of my nieces, and this year came back to me for my toddler. So it’s on the fourth Mini. This pic was 10 years ago… It still looks as good now as it did then.’


Products with staying power

‘I bought my coat in 2010 as a “yay me” moment after the birth of my son. Fast-forward to 2016 and here I am with my daughter co-ordinating nicely with two hay minions. It’s as good as new.’


Products with staying power

‘The jeans? They are pretty versatile really – I wore them in a 100-mile running race in Mongolia last week and am off to a nice restaurant on the beach tonight.’


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Boden’s quality promise

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