The viscose care guide

Ahh viscose, what a charmer. Who doesn’t love its flattering drape, soft feel and breathability? Follow our top tips to keep it tip-top.

Wash it

Here’s the good news: viscose is meant to go in your washing machine. A warm-water hand-wash can shrink it, but your machine knows the right temperature (30°C, on the button). Turn your garment inside out, choose a gentle cycle, then sit back and relax. 

Reshape it

To avoid shrivelling and shrinkage, always return your viscose to its original shape while it’s damp. Using a cool iron, gently smooth and stretch it to its pre-wash outline. 

Dry it

Speed up the drying process by laying it flat in a well-ventilated place. Keep it away from the tumble-dryer, unless you want your garment to go down a size or two… 

Iron it

Most creases vanish from viscose during reshaping, so it shouldn’t need long on the ironing board. A cool iron (no steam or spray) will deal with wrinkles that have made it through to the final stage.

Viscose Care Guide